Leather is a natural material and the leathers we use have no synthetic coverings and are finished by hand.

Any marks or blemishes are part of the natural beauty of each hide and present the uniqueness of each product. The beautiful natural hides we use change and develop over time creating a personal patina to each individual bag.

It is recommended to keep your items dry. For the first month of use avoid taking the handbag out in wet weather or where it may get wet. This should give the fibres enough time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water.

Only use a natural conditioner to treat leather components of the bag. Clean gently with a soft damp cloth.

Keep your item away from direct sunlight when storing

Be aware that the leathers are dyed and as such for the first few wears they may transfer a small amount of colour onto clothing. This is a typical characteristic of vegetable tanned leathers and will mean that your bag ages beautifully.

Suede items should not be used during wet and very humid periods. Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers and also from dark leathers onto light coloured clothing.

Suedes and hides can be brushed gently with a soft bristle brush.

Suede items have been lightly sprayed with water and stain protector. It is suggested further coats are applied as per products instructions to ensure water proofing is maintained and limit colour removal.